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Weigh In Wednesday – January 2019

Join me for the first Weigh In Wednesday of 2019!

I’m nervous, anxious and a little bit terrified but I’m also highly optimistic.

I have previously mentioned that I will be taking full accountability for my weight management. I’m making a conscious effort to lose weight and become a fitter, healthier me in 2019.

This starts with being real. Real with myself and real with you.

As part of Weigh In Wednesday, I will be logging my weight, along with measurements of various areas of my body.

The reasoning behind this is that the number on the scale doesn’t tell the full store. Muscle is built by working out and it is denser than fat. Furthermore, muscle weighs more than fat. In fact, one cubic inch of muscle weighs approximately 15% to 20% more than fat (depending on individual factors).

For a bit more information on this check out this FAQ by 8Fit.

However, by keeping track of the measurements, along with the number on the scale, it avoids becoming discouraged by the scales when it’s likely I’ve lost inches instead.

Makes sense right?

Let’s get to it.


Left arm: 13 Inches

Right Arm: 13 Inches

Left Thigh: 22.5 Inches

Right Thigh: 23 Inchs

Chest: 42 Inches

Waist: 38 Inches

Hips: 46 Inches

Weigh In

Kgs: 83.3

Obviously, this figure is less than ideal, but it’s a starting point and everyone has to start somewhere!

In my mission to lose weight and become a fitter, healthier me I will be sharing the workouts I will doing each week in my new weekly series: Thursday Fit Club.

Join me on Thursday 10th January for the first Thursday Fit Club of 2019!

nspired to make a positive change towards your health in 2019? Leave a comment and share your plans.

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Until next time…

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