Beginner HIIT Workout

Are you in search of a great beginner HIIT workout that will get your blood pumping and fat melting? Get your sweatbands at the ready for this beginner HIIT workout!

How To Keep Fit, Eat Right And Lose Weight

My ULTIMATE guide to losing weight will help you to keep focused on your weight loss goals. Do you find losing weight more to be more difficult than you thought? Are you struggling with the balancing act between food and exercise? This guide is designed with you in mind so keep reading!

SANTORINI GREECE: Honeymoon in Paradise!

Santorini, Greece. The perfect romantic honeymoon destination if you’re looking for a little slice of paradise!

WEDDING PLANNING: Creating my quirky DIY wedding

You’re probably wondering how we created the perfect quirky DIY wedding that reflected us as a couple? Let me guide you through our wedding planning and how created our amazing DIY wedding day.

How To Lose Weight And Get Fit

How to lose weight? That seems to be the magic question on many peoples lips, or at their fingertips. Who doesn’t want to lose weight? In this post, I’m detailing what methods I have tried to lose weight and what really worked for me.