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Fat To Fit Club: HIIT workout 10th Jan 19

Welcome to the first Fat To Fit club of 2019!

Here we are, fresh into 2019 and like most people on this planet, I’m trying to get my train wreck of a body into some sort of shape – other than potato – by the end of 2019.

That means getting my backside into gear and making more of an effort to exercise!

I have recently started Weigh-In Wednesday where I shared my measurements and weight. By the end of 2019, I’m optimistic that there will be a change for the better.

Join me for Thursday Fit Club each week. Let’s become fitter, healthier humans together!

This week I have taken inspiration from my favourite HIIT mavericks, Joe Wicks and Millionaire Hoy, and I’ve created the following workout.

The reason that I’ve chosen HIIT workouts to focus on first is due to the MANY benefits to be gained from doing HIIT exercises. Find out about the Benefits of HIIT workouts here.

Feel free to give this bad boy a go at home too!

P.S before you get started, it’s worthwhile downloading Seconds Interval Timer App from your app store 😉

Warming up and cooling down

My first key piece of advice… WARM UP BEFORE DOING ANY EXERCISE! Sorry for shouting, but I wanted to make sure the people in the back heard that loud and clear!

Why do this? Because it frees up your muscles and joints and makes you less prone to injury. Likewise, when you finish you should DEFINITELY cool down.

So that being said, this week I’ve been following The Body Coach’s warm up on YouTube. You can find it here. I used this cool down from Fitness Blender.

Fat To Fit Club: HIIT Workout

Don’t know what a HIIT is? Fear not for I am here! HIIT workouts involve rounds of high-intensity exercises repeated for short durations which are mixed with rest periods of similar durations.

Example: 30 seconds high intensity + 30 seconds rest, and repeat.

For this week’s exercise sessions I have followed the below on a 30 second on, 30-second rest pattern. I repeated the exercises 4 times:

  • Marching high knees
  • Squat with floor touch
  • Power knees
  • Silent jumping jacks
  • High & low punches with power knees

Fat To Fit Club: How unfit am I?

I won’t lie, for someone in my physical condition, I found this tough going. The first night I tried the workout, I managed a great warm up, 2 rounds of HIIT and cool down before I wanted to die in a corner.

The second night I found it a little bit easier to get through. I did stick with it though and I’m happy I did.

Try this workout at home and let me know how you get on.

Are you fitter and able to bash this with barely a sweat, or are you just like me? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to join me for next week’s Fat To Fit Club!

Until next time…

Geez Louise Much Love

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