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Bali: A Beginner Travellers Guide

Bali is the perfect place to visit for new travellers! This gorgeous island has so much to offer and will easily capture your heart. If you are a new traveller, read on to find out why you should visit Bali.

Bali is a very attractive place for beginner travellers to visit. It’s easy to wrap your head around and cheap to explore. It’s not unusual to end up extending your visa there as this magnificent island captures the heart of almost anyone who steps foot aboard.


Activities galore in Bali

You will be thoroughly entertained by the number of activities and endless things to do in Bali!

From exotic beaches and waves to surf, to the outstanding colourful coral to scuba dive; You will find yourself exploring the rim of the Pacific and Indonesian ocean in no time!

Snorkelling in Bali

Why not take a trek up the great Mt Agung, which gets you up and personal with a volcano or head into the jungles for a risking ride down the river in the white waters. This place is filled with thrill-seeking adventures you don’t want to miss.

Mt Agung Bali

If you are an animal lover then a visit to the Monkey Sanctuary in Ubud is for you!

Inside is absolutely beautiful and you can spend the whole day there just walking around. You will find cheeky little monkeys stealing everything, eating bananas on the shoulders of tourists or monkeys searching for flees with the tourists’ sarongs.

There is so much to explore and it is such a magical walk.

Bali on a budget: Cheap as chips

Bali is so cheap compared to a lot of other places in the world!

For the regular price of accommodation or activities that you would have to pay for in the western world you would only pay half of that in Bali, sometimes even cheaper if you know how to barter!

Please just keep in mind that the majority of these people spend hours crafting their work so bargaining fairly is advised.

Transport and tour guides in Bali

What better tour guide or transport providers could you ask for than the local Bali residents?

These tour guides can give you essential local advice and knowledge about the area and history.


They will offer transport, typically for free, whilst giving you their guided tours around the Island, and they will know all the best deals and packages for activities that you would love to be involved in.

This also reduces many scams throughout your trip where you don’t get end up paying triple the price for something that you have no knowledge on as to pricing. Very handy indeed!

Location, location, location!

One of the good things about this beautiful island is that you can choose what vibe you’d like for your trip in Bali, depending on where about you stay on the island.


If you want the up scene party life, easy! You go and stay in Kuta and around Seminyak! Or if you want the artsy, food markets and resort side you would stay in Ubud.

What about for scuba divers and snorkelers? No worries, take a 2-hour bus trip up to Lovina! Or want to dig deep into the roots and culture of the Balinese people? Head to Bulelelang region.

The people in Sudaji will be more than willing to show you around their local villages and teach you about their traditions etc.

Read about 5 top accommodations to stay in Bali for an all-around cultural experience to get some inspiration

Friendships to follow you back home

The island is more commonly known as a popular destination for Australians, Kiwis and British expats. However, you will find people from all over the world visit this beautiful island.

You will likely meet people from your hotel, out having a drink or by exploring some of the many activities available. It is so easy to make friendships there that you can catch up with later on down the line.

Bali is also known as a hotspot for digital nomads! Travellers from all around the world gather to the island to stay temporarily, starting up their first business ventures, networking with all the other young travellers there and even scoring themselves some business partners.

It’s a good place to make top connections for businesses that are wanting to create their dreams online and digital.


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