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Louise O'Boyle Geez Louise

Hello and welcome to Geez-Louise.com!

I am Louise O’Boyle, a blogger writing about all things good in life!

My goal is to inspire you to live life to the fullest and make each day count. I’m sharing vital information on health and fitness, life optimisation, wedding planning and travel.

Over a year ago I relocated back to my home town of Belfast after living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh for just over six years.

Since moving home, I have married my partner and absolute rock of fourteen years, Bo. We live with our two crazy furballs (Aslan and Cersei).

Geez-Louise.com began as a hobby to document my recent life changes and upcoming wedding. Who knew I actually loved writing so much?!

I am a keen traveller and  I thoroughly love exploring photography. It’s my mission to visit as many destinations as I possibly can, both at home and abroad!

Planning my wedding was such an exciting time, I absolutely loved it! If I’m honest, I miss the thrill and anticipation of planning something so special. I picked up a lot of insider tricks which I’m now sharing with you.

I’m also on a mission to improve my fitness levels and lose weight. After years of my weight fluctuating it’s time to address the rather large elephant in the room. Therefore, I’m holding myself accountable and I’m determined to be in far better shape by the end of the year.

I would love for you all to join me on this journey of self-improvement and life optimisation. Through connection, we can help each other to become better humans together!

Take a peek around Geez-Louise.com and leave a comment. I love hearing from you all!

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