Chillin’ in Co. Donegal

I recently created a list of goals I would like to achieve in 2019 but as I mentioned in the post, I thought I’d give myself a headstart and get stuck in early. One of my life goals is that I’d like to travel more and see a bit more of the world (funds permitting). This includes places closer to home as I really haven’t explored enough of Ireland, never mind the rest of the world!

Just after the wedding, I knew that the hubby and I would be in dire need of a bit of relaxation between coming back from our honeymoon and before the Christmas chaos kicks in. Past Lou was smart and planned ahead for this. Future Lou thanks her greatly! 

Who doesn’t love a jacuzzi?

Jackson’s Hotel, Ballybofey

We stayed in Jackson’s Hotel in Ballybofey which is within a decent driving distance to Donegal town and Letterkenny. The hotel has undergone a recent transformation and just looks lovely. Our room was spacious, the bed was very comfortable and the food was top notch. We also enjoyed the leisure facilities – swimming pool, sauna, steam room and of course, the jacuzzi! Who doesn’t love a jacuzzi?

Am I right?!

Jackson’s Hotel, Ballybofey

We stayed for two nights, arriving late on the first night so we really only had Saturday to explore our local surroundings. Unlike our honeymoon we didn’t make any plans for the time we had in Co. Donegal so we ended up spending a little time faffing around trying to figure out where to go.

Pro tip: I would not advise this and in future, I will definitely have an idea of where to explore purely because we wasted an hour searching Google and TripAdvisor. 

We decided to visit Glenveagh National Park and Glenveagh Castle. I must admit that this was the perfect excursion and it really is easy to see where so many people get the fairytale notion of Ireland from. The park was serene and just healed the soul rightly.

Although there is a shuttle bus that operates between the visitors’ centre and the castle, we decided to walk the 4km which gave us time to take in the beautiful scenery around us (and also allowed us to work off the tasty breakfast we scoffed in the hotel – bonus). 

Along the route, we found the picture perfect Lough Veagh and surrounding glens coated in fog. It was very romantic and reminded me ever so slightly of Loch Lomond in Scotland (only on a slightly more condensed scale).

Once we reached the castle we popped into the tea rooms for a quick coffee before beginning the tour. After sitting down and minding our own business we were quickly joined by this cheeky little chap:

Rockin’ Robin joining us for coffee

Sadly we were not allowed to take photos inside the castle on the tour but we did get a couple of the surrounds of the building and the gardens.

Glenveagh Castle, Co. Donegal

Needless to say, we did avail of the shuttle bus back to the car park as it was getting dark when the tour finished. 

I would highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in the area as it is a beautiful spot and very relaxing.

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