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2018 what a year: A year in review!

It’s the last day of 2018 and time for some reflection.

I could go on about all the terrible things that have happened this year by reminding you all about Brexit, or Donald Trump…. being Donald Trump but I don’t want to end the year by depressing you all.

I’m nice like that.

No, we should focus on the good things that have happened this year. Honestly, it wasn’t all bad!

2018: What has taken place this year?

  • North and South Korea vowed to end the Korean War.
  • Canada legalized Marijuana.
  • In Saudi Arabia, women are finally allowed to drive cars.
  • Ireland repealed its ban on abortion (Seriously Northern Ireland, Get. With. The. Times! It’s just embarrassing now.)
  • India decriminalised consensual gay sex.
  • Scotland backed teaching LGBTI issues in school.
  • Africa saw a MASSIVE decline in female genital mutilation.
  • The UK has exceeded UN targets for HIV diagnosis and treatment.
  • The number of Americans who believe that climate change is happening has increased, despite Trump’s denial (nope, sorry I’m not going there).
  • Scientists developed a plastic eating enzyme.
  • SpaceX launched 64 satellites into orbit.

2018: On a personal level

If you’ve read my other posts (check them out. Plug, plug!) you’ll know it has definitely been a fun-filled year for me!

  • New job in March
  • New home in May
  • In August I levelled up to wife status and had the pleasure of my family from England joining in the celebrations.
  • In October, along with my Bo, honeymooned in paradise and absolutely fell in love with Santorini.
  • Visited Donegal in November for the first time in my life (I really haven’t explored Ireland enough. This will be rectified in 2019!)

It really hasn’t been a bad year at all for me, what about you?

What are the good or bad things that have happened to you this year? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Cheers to you 2018. Thanks for the awesome memories. Join me in making 2019 an even more epic and successful year! Let’s build the lives we want by living the dream!

Until next year…

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